mozartclassstudent1Mozart Class student

Mothers despite their nationalities nor culture will always find ways to fit in the work – but then when you’re working, you feel that you should be spending time with your children instead and then when you’re with your children, you’re thinking about working.

However, I personally feels that being a Mother truly take up enormous role as a cleaner, babysitter, teacher, friend, soul-mate and the list goes on as they grow older from babies to adulthood.

The moment you set your eyes in their tender loving face when they were out from your womb, you knew that you are connected in some ways that no man will ever understand. It is truly a creation that I see God’s had plan for us. If you ever ask if I feel bless to be a women. YES! would be my answer despite all the sleepless nights enduring and attending to all cries! Hence, I am here to share, to feed, to inspire all MOTHERS an exquisite ways to cultivate learning journey for your beloved child.

I have been enlighten when I started teaching Music in toddler group under the wings of a prominent Professor in National University of Singapore.

I made an exciting career switch from being part of an aircrew to teaching music. My studies in the United States included a focus on music technology, animation and theatre works. As a student, I worked as a freelance music teacher in addition to collaborating with a child prodigy lecturer. I am a registered trainer with the Ministry of Education under the Art and Music Instructor’s Scheme which processes the keyboard examination for students in the London College of Music.

I gained my teaching experiences through positions at various schools includes Bedok South Primary, Feng Shan Primary, Anglo-Chinese School Junior, Methodist Girls School, Jing Shan Primary, Geylang Methodist Primary . Besides coaching drama, music, and digital art (animation), she also teaches the keyboard, the Garageband, and is involved with the PAL Programme.

Currently I am involve with project work focus with research on teaching and facilitating pre-school education in Asia namely Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. My research is based on Montessori Methodology for I greatly appreciate and immerse in the work of Dr Maria Montessori.

Here I am wish it will benefit you in many ways…

“Free the Child’s potential, and you will transform him into the World”

Maria Montessori


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