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Chinese montessori magazine

Chinese montessori magazine

This is our quarterly magazine in chinese language available for subscription and its for free.

Articles were written by our local lecturer whom experience with education and childcare for more than a decade. You will definitely benefit with their provoking thoughts and learn about the latest updates in preschool education.


One thought on “Education magazine in chinese

    Arnhem, The Netherlands, December 2013

    E-book Reading Toes of babies and children
    a biometrical analysis

    In this E-book Imre and Margriet Somogyi approach the reading of toes of babies and children on a biometric level. Biometric Analysis of Toes (BAT) provides knowledge and insight in human personality and behavioral patterns by interpreting the position and shape of toes and toenails. The rationale of BAT is that the ‘two times five toes’ reflects the condition of the male (yang) and female (yin) energies in the five physical chakras.
    In ‘Reading Toes of babies and children’ the authors make clear that reading the toes of a baby or young child provides information that can be very beneficial for the child itself. With reading toes the child can be understood without being able to explain and express thoughts and feelings verbally. Also, the parents and educators can benefit a lot by avoiding mistakes in bringing up a child. They know with whom they are dealing and they can adjust their own ideas to the needs, the talents and the possibilities of their child. Without this knowledge, parents may make educational choices that are probably right for themselves but not of the best interest of their child, and not adjusted to the individual character of their kid.

    The analysis of toes has been developed in the beginning of 1980s by the Dutch couple Imre and Margriet Somogyi. The profound study on toes led to a knowledge system that is surprisingly accurate and simple. Imre and Margriet Somogyi put their 35 years of experience with reading toes in this book resulting this high-level, profound publication.
    Reading Toes of babies and children – a biometrical analysis
    ISBN/EAN: 978-90-821492-1-0. Authors: Imre and Margriet Somogyi. Publisher: CTRL-e, Arnhem, The Netherlands. Price: € 19,95. Order:

    Nicole van Dooren (38, kindergarten teacher): “Reading this book and implementing it in my daily work helps me better in the guidance of children.”

    Maria de Vries (29, mother since 4 months): “Nice to read that our child is really a combination of the characters of me and my husband. This book helps us to understand our baby better.”

    Note: This e-book has also been translated into Chinese and is available through Inspirees/(Education) together with International Association of Biometric Analysis of Toes (IABAT).

    ———————NOTE to EDITORS (not for publication)————————————

    For more information, high resolution images , a review copy or a interview with the authors, please contact CTRL-e, Eric Derksen, Tel. +31(0)26-4464789 or e-mail:

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