Shake your head to see it!

children games

Children and adults see the world differently.

Above is a simple optical illusions that you physically have to shake your head to see it and I have my teachers to share with the toddlers in the preschool. According to records, some children says it’s an animal but cannot distinguish between a rabbit or a puppy. Some says:

“It is lines…and lines…and lines”,

“Coloring book”,

“Metal Insets drawing..” (metal insets drawing is a form of using Montessori material known as metal insets for children to draw line and shapes. It is in the Language art curriculum)

“The phone screen is spoil!.. (I still wonder how they relate that with phone – probably I-phone!)

According to a news article  “Children and adults see the world differently” provides detailed analysis regarding information about how children and adults see differently.

Besides the first illustration of the optical illusions above, there is another prime example of physiological illusions that is blueprint by the hand of Ludimar Hermann dated in 1870 known as ‘Herman grid’. Below is an example similar to it known as scintillating grid illusion. It is fundamentally similar except Hermann grid is crafted with white lines instead of grey.

Simple games children see differently from adults

Simple games children see differently from adults

How do you like it? You will notice that the contrast between the two images causes your eye to see grey black and white blobs in the center. Yet, when you gazed on the black dot it will not appear within said intersection.

Is your eyes playing tricks on you? Yes! Indeed!

We were thought in montessori to observe with our eyes to see if the child is working  and concentration in his or her work. Is the child placing material in the order that we have guided him. Well, the list will goes on for observation in the classroom. Nonetheless, as an educator, teacher and parents alike is strongly encourage to be aware of this pointer that adults and children see things differently. Sometimes, we still need to see with your hearts or as a matter of fact, instead of seeing with our eyes we should listen with our ears (as I posted “How to talk to children”) to them. We were gifted with different senses, hence make full use of them to share with the child.

So, do not say

“Can you see what I see?” to children for what they see may not be what you see!

Below is a heartwarming image to share with you

If only chemistry is as easy as this!

If only chemistry is as easy as this!


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