How to talk to children?

Listen to your children

Listen to your children

How to talk to your children is a constant advise seek from parents. The best guide I can say is… to LISTEN to your child. You might not be aware that they are capable of picking up non-verbal language of adults. It is really discouraging to try to talk to someone who gives only lip service to listening. Children are more willing to talk to parent who is really listening. As the animated conversation above, the father is busy with his mobile apps and totally ignore the child. If he were to talk to the child again later about the matter that upset his little girl, it would be too late. She might not be willing to talk to him again.

So, there is always the solution. It is just that we adult were so busy with our life that we neglect the best tool to talk to a child is to listen to them genuinely.

There is just a few pointers that I would like to share here is parent love’s to use this words:

I told you so!”…..

I will punish you if you write on the wall again…”

How many times have I told you to off the light when you are not using it….”

Mind me, I use to be a culprit with these phrases. However, it is detrimental and upright hurting for children. It is in fact not HOW you say, it is WHAT you say that a child are willing to talk to you. So, instead of the above- try to use another method to communicate with them.

“You can use this paper here to write, at least you can keep them”  (gives alternative)

“The light switch is near the door, remember to switch them off right.” (gentle reminder)

Well, I hope this post will enlighten you and start talking to your child by listening!


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