Dalai Lama quote of educating children

Dalai Lama quote for educating

Matter of the heart

This Dalai Lama quote of educating children hearts had such a deep thought that bring forth profound meanings for educator and parents.

It has always been a challenge to design a system of education that will cater for children of different background and culture. As what we have learn from Montessori method where facilitator like us will ‘follow the child’. We do not intervene their work to allowed them to learn from the control of error in every material that we provided.

Children will hesitate to try on a task if they think they will do so wrongly. There seems to be a mechanism within the child to do it right for the society and environment will always discourage them from making mistakes which I have learned from Montessori that is actually totally wrong. Hence, when we reach adulthood, we tend to take up challenges for we were programmed since day one that its wrong to make mistakes.

Educators have created conditions for learning that do not encourage errors. In my early days, students like us will be drill over and over again with the same math problem, which we will be expected to remember the answers. And if we were lucky, we will be able to have the exact same standard questions with the same answers!

This approach of learning assumes that students are allowed to make mistakes, but will not learn the correct information. We were all being “Programmed”!

According to a scientific article, “Getting it wrong: Surprising tips on how to learn” found that this is incorrect presumption. In fact, it is through mistakes that reinforce a child learning journey. I personally belief that there is seeds of learning embedded in mistakes.

It apply to children homework, social interaction with friends, playing games and sports. It is through mistakes that children were challenged and activate new avenue to do things differently. Factually, its their desire from their hearts to try on new approach in their learning journey.

How about educating of the hearts?

Well, indeed I am still learning how to guide a 3 – 6 years old child with the abstract meaning of the heart. In Montessori, we taught a child of grace and courtesy. We says “Thank you and welcome”. Children were taught to allowed another child to finished up with their material and take turns to work with or to assist a friend what they have learned and share their work together.

I believe parents play an important roles to educate the hearts. It should be a living example at home. I have seen parents who selfishly taught their children to care only for their own and neglect to see that they need to guide them to care for other children’s who will connect with their children in the society. Hence, if you want to know how to educated their hearts. Ones must starts to educated themselves first before others.


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