Mozart instead of Montessori for today



‘Music can fundamentally shape our subcortical cord sensory  in ways that may enhance everyday tasks, including reading and listening in noise’

They said that a picture paints a thousand words, what about music. I believe its the sounds of the soul. Mankind communicate with words, body language and definitely music is another form of communication.

I am sharing here is the picture of my student who join me with instrument appreciation and does not consist of any Montessori ideas. Every week they will be expose to various instruments which is unique says percussion from Africa like Djembe, Maracas, Cabasa, Agogo,  Talking Drum (my students favorite), Mbira. 

As the above is Accordian which is a keyboard instrument originated from Germany. The oldest name of this group of instruments is actually Harmonika.

Sharing a simple tune of Elephant (Saint-saens) with an accordian will enhance any child a memorable experience!


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