What is the meaning of didactic learning for children?

  • didacticlearning
  • Didactic Learning
  • The Montessori method helps children to LEARN to stay in control of themselves. They learn  self-discipline. Children in a Montessori environment DO learn through play, however the play is NOT WITH TOYS.
  • The materials used in the Montessori classroom are all didactic, hands on learning. The children actually get to see why 1+1=2 before they ever have to put it on paper.Every material that they work with is a preparation of foundation for a ‘bigger’ work.  Children will always work with a simple material and grasp the basic skills before they move on to another material. However, teachers and parents are advice not to deter the child to try on or intervene if they were to have chosen the more difficult material. You can assist by guiding your child.
  •  For example, the Pink Tower consists of 10 cubes (the children actually use the word CUBE and not block) graduated in size from largest to smallest.
  • With the Pink Tower the child learns largest and smallest but it also is the foundation for the decimal system. Each material is in units of ten. If you took 1000 of the smallest cubes they would fit exactly into the largest cube, hence foundation for the UNIT and the THOUSAND CUBE, the hierarchy of the numbers.
    What is the Differences of Montessori and Traditional School System:
    Age span of at least three years in a class.
    Children reinforce their own learning by repetition of work and internal feelings of success.
    Method emphasizes becoming aware of One’s abilities and social development.
    Direct contact with multi-sensory materials.
    Highly organized sets of graduated materials-mostly three dimensional and “concrete”.
    Freedom of choice for the child
    Learns about care of one’s self and environment.
    Environment and method encourage self-discipline.
    Mostly one-on-one instruction.
    One age per class.
    Learning is reinforced externally (rewards, stickers etc.).
    Method emphasizes social development.
    Much information dispensed by lecture.
    Mostly abstract- books, papers, etc.
    Very few choices.
    Less emphasis on self-learning instruction.
    Teacher acts as primary enforcer of discipline.
    Group and individual instruction.

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